Reima Kaikkonen, Your Federal Independent/Jesus dependentCandidate 2021

Bruce Grey Owen Sound

519-323-7076 [email protected]

I, Reima Kaikkonen THANK ALL OF YOU  for your prayers ,  

for your  confidence in me, 

and for your willingness and commitment to standing with me on behalf of this great nation! 

Although I did not win, I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet all of you! 

Know that my plan is to continue the good work which together we have started.  That is, to make Bruce-Grey-Owen-Sound a

 vaccine free / passport free sanctuary!

May God bless you richly!

Spiritual Climate Change-- The Time Has Come!.

Coming Soon!

The Lord's Prayer

The country that prays together stays together!

For decades, this nation flourished under the declaration of the Lord's Prayer. It's time to understand why we are under the Supremacy of God and rule of law. and how we benefit from His continued blessings!

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen.

Pro-Life; Pro-Family'; Pro-Liberty

The right to life applies equally to one and all -- to the unborn; to the most senior; to  those who are disabled through no fault of their own but still requiring accommodation. 

Families are the needed foundation for our social fabric to thrive and prosper.

Our Constitutional rights and freedoms are necessary for opportunities to emerge in a healthy, functioning democracy!

Less Taxes; No Carbon Tax

We need to stop burdening the nation with increasing taxes and penalties that keep families and taxpayers impoverished. This includes eliminating carbon taxes. 

Similarly, tax benefits need to be fairly and equitably applied to all citizens, curbing the current 'drunken sailor' mentality of politicians - giving away and spending our hard-earned tax dollars away on a whim. 

What People Are Saying?

It is NOT the government's job to protect my health. It is my job to protect my health.

It is the government's job to guarantee to secure my rights against any authority that threatens to take them away.

What Do You Think? 

Standing for Faith, Our God-Given Rights & Freedoms under the Supremacy of God Rule of Law, Life, Family, Freedoms, Liberty, Security, Justice, Equality For All, Equal  Opportunities and Blessings!